Tarot Cards

Tarot is a simple healing tool which seems too frightening or difficult if you have never experienced it.

Tarot is an eye opener. Tarot guides us in all fields of life but, yes! it is an eye-opener as certain times there are many problems and solutions are so few, at that time tarot guides us and shows us the path through which we can gain our goal and come out of the problems. Tarot does not decide for us. It’s always there as a true friend who allows you to face the challenge but never lets you get defeated. It lets you explore your inner self.
Humans are always a bit reluctant to know what future holds for them, tarot helps to face the future and not decide one. Tarot reflects the situation and not the person.

Workshop: Teaches the meaning of cards, how they help, energizing the cards, choosing your deck, care of your deck, history of tarot, different types of spreads to help you get guidance in daily life and most important protecting yourself before the reading.

Workshop duration: 3 months (once a week- 2 hours) (notes) or 7 day daily (2 hours) (notes)

Fees: On Request.

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