Chakra Balancing

Starting at perineum and appearing in stages up the spine to the crown are the seven chakras. The word chakra is translated from Sanskrit means “Wheel”. Chakras are energy centers that run from base of your spine out to the top or crown of your head. There are seven major chakras, each a circular wheel of light spinning in your energetic system, associated with certain body parts, colour, crystal, element and function.

Chakra Meditation clears the blockages due to certain thoughts or emotions that we hold on to from our life experiences. Meditation helps to regulate the energy flow which is necessary for a healthy and balanced self.

Workshop: Wakes up all chakras that are at rest from past experiences and allow ailments to make a permanent residence. Here all chakras are cleansed, energized, balanced, healed and most necessary shielded so that future disturbances are at bay.

Balanced charkas fill you with energy and allow you to embrace Abundance.

Workshop duration: 1day. (Notes)

Fees: On Request.

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