It is a form of complementary medicine that draws on the healing powers of the plants. When you enter the garden a whole world of possibility is waiting for you. You will find nature in one of its most powerful forms. But what is it that we can smell? It is the essential oils that give herbs and spices their sent and flavour, flowers and fruit their perfume.

Aromatherapy involve using pure essential oils derived from parts of the plant, Including the seeds, bark, root, leaves, flowers wood, balsam and resin. Aromatic plants and oils have been used for thousands of years, as incense, perfumes and cosmetic and for their medical and culinary application. Simple Aromatherapy is a basic approach to self treatment. Holistic aroma therapists believe that the essential oil enters and affect the mind, body and Soul.

Workshop: Introduction, approach to few important essential oils, carrier oils, Basic techniques, how they can be stored, different types of notes, it can be used as a daily cleanser for skin, hair and mind. It can enhance a romantic evening. First aid, stress and muscular problems.

Workshop duration:2 days (notes and sample oil, face pack etc...)

Fees: On Request.

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