Angel therapy

Have you ever experienced,” Ï know this was to happen in your life???”
Yes! All of us at certain time in our life knew what was to happen.
How was this??? We are not God......
The answer to this question is ANGELS.

They guide us even though they are non physical yet are very much audible, visible, and perceptible.

Angels are said to be send by God, for being a bridge between you and the Almighty. Though you do not see them they always are just a call away. I.e. you need to believe and call upon them and there they are to help you happily and readily no matter what. Angels are delivers of Heaven’s love and guidance, they are also known as messengers of God,
Come to help us.

Workshop: Teaches you to call upon Angels, communicate with them, recognize their signals, meditate to get your answers and also read Angel cards for daily guidance.

Workshop duration:2 days (notes Angel cards and crystal angel)
First day chakra balancing and second day Angel Therapy

Fees: On Request. Back To Consulting and Workshops