Our Team! Two different Personalities with a common aim

Padmini Nilesh
+91 9892387700

Neha Shah
+254 739 505611

We met as strangers a decade ago for definite reason. Very soon we realized the divine cause that had brought us together for a common goal. A journey soon unfolded before us having a passion in common- TAROT.

As years rolled by we followed our intuition and went ahead as was destined, guiding and healing many souls in need with Angels by our side. Now here we are blessed by Supremacy high above with knowledge and experience to help the needy souls to re-discover their wheel of life.

“As you Sow, so shall you Reap!”

The Wheel of life is held up to us as a mirror. It represents the deeds in your cycle of birth and existence and reactions of your deeds in your life. It means that who we are today is the result of our past. Thoughts and actions of human beings determine the kind of people they become in the future.

In short, there is no escape for any human being from receiving the reward for his actions and behavior in the law of life.

We help you to get in touch with divine power to ameliorate problems & work on your life purpose through different mediums like- Tarot, chakra balancing, Dowsing pendulum, Angel Therapy, Runes, And aroma therapy, to enhance & enlighten your mind, body & soul.

Trust is the key word, Experience to believe, Believe to achieve, Achievement leads to satisfaction. Satisfaction thus leads to trust again And the wheels rotates...

We Belive Strive-> Accept--> Appreciate & have faith
It's All Destined!!!
"God Bless!!!"